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Our History


Brother Dong Yun Lan went into a cafeteria in Lima, Peru in 2009. Sitting, drinking a coffee he started to watch the people around him. Everyone looked comfortable, happy and enjoying good conversations.

He went out of that cafeteria having a strong feeling that this idea would be excellent to reach people with the goal of presenting the Gospel to them. So he prayed asking the Lord what direction he should take.

Praise the Lord, in August 2009 the first Bookafé was open in the city of Telemaco Borba in the State of Parana, Brazil. Today there are over 300 units around the world.

This great successes is in part due to the simple attitudes that Brother Dong took-he sought to transform his vision into practice, creating the possibility of anyone, independent of religion or beliefs to enter in Bookafé and have access to Christian literature, thus becoming an important tool for reaching people.

In the year of 2012 the history of this tool began in United States…


  1. 2012

    After receiving the guidance from brother Dong, two brothers left Brazil and headed to the United States to find a place to open the first Bookafé in Florida. Being filled with the Spirit, the Lord led them to meet a Brazilian brother married to a Chinese woman, who owned a Chinese restaurant. Through this family, the doors were opened for the gospel of the kingdom in this country.

    On March 15 the first team of 11 colporteurs, missionaries that preach through spiritual books, arrived, 30 days after 9 more colporteurs arrived. Shortly after Bookafé Miami was opened for the public in May.

    A month later Bookafé in the Savannah, Georgia was opened.

    Later in November, another Bookafé was opened in Framingham, Massachusetts.

  2. 2013

    On this year the Lord blessed us with 4 more Bookafés.

    We sent a group of colporteurs to Seattle, Washington. A pastor from that city was used by the Lord to help the colporteurs get settle in and later on the Bookafé was open in Tacoma, Washington.

    In the same year the Lord took us to Atlanta, Georgia. A Peruvian family in Atlanta hosted the colporteurs and with their help, Bookafé was open in May in Atlanta,Georgia.

    Later on the Lord lead us to New York, where we opened Bookafé in the neighborhood of Queens. 6 colporteurs were sent to sow and peach the gospel of the kingdom.

    A team of colporteurs were traveling to Orlando, Florida when one of the cars stopped working in the city of Fort Pierce at night. They did not have a place to sleep so they started to search online for a place to stay. A shelter was found which belonged to a pastor. She received the colporteurs, prepared dinner and gave a place to sleep, taking care of the whole team.

    Pastor Hazel was that pastor, a servant of God, even without knowing us very well opened her heart and until today she serves and support us in everything! Our collaborator! This is how the first Bookafé started in the shelter in Fort Pierce.

  3. 2014

    Once again the Lord blessed us with 4 more Bookafés.

    In Waterbury, Connecticut a brother and his family received the commission and the vision to rent a place to open Bookafé. Immediately after colporteurs were sent to help with the Booakfé there.

    Later though a brother who lives in Brazil had family living in Orlando, Florida. Through this family the Bookafé in Orlando, Florida was opened.

    Since the opening of the first Bookafé in Fort Pierce, Pastor Hazel was praying for another Bookafé in Fort Pierce. The Lord took our sister to a plaza. The owners of this plaza open the doors for us and another Bookafé was opened. Today, the owners received Jesus and were baptized. Hallelujah!

    By the end of 2014, the Lord entrusted another Bookafé in the city of Coral Springs, Florida. Several families are being taken care of though the Bookafé and colporteurs.

  4. 2015

    A year of many blessings! The Lord gave us a Bookafé in the city of Tampa, Florida.

    Through a pastor and his wife the Lord prepared a great location for Bookafé. Even with many struggles this couple preserved and the Lord is using this place to win many spiritual children and helping them to grow in life.

    Through this wonderful tool the Lord has advanced in the United States, with the sovereignty of our beloved Lord, His love and mercy, He has given us innumerous opportunities to save lives, through the GTC, colporteur’s houses, missionary trips, international conferences, Summer camp, youth conferences, and innumerous events, youth, families, and many people have received the word of the Kingdom and together are seeking to live and walk by the Spirit! May the Lord continue opening more Bookafés in new states and reaching more people for the KINGDOM.

    Thy kingdom come beloved Lord Jesus!

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